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Although its initial rise to fame began in nineteenth century Russia, 
Rose gold has truly become a fashion metal ; it's been pretty much everywhere, from jewellery collections and handbag fastenings to the iPhone. All it takes is a simple glance at the gorgeous colour to understand why rose gold — which gets its lovely tint from copper mixed with gold alloy — has become so coveted.

It has a lush tone that’s warmer than white gold; it is somehow luxe and understated at the same time. In essence, rose gold is poised to become the new classic for its versatility, wearability, and beauty. Need more convincing?

High profile designers such as Chanel, Dior and Michael Kors have also made entire collections from the rosy alloy, while fashion writers write articles remarking on the “vintage appeal of rose gold jewellery”. A New York Times Fashion correspondent reporting from Paris described rose gold’s allure in his editorial entitled, “Like the Dawn: Rose Gold Is in Vogue Again”.

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