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According to a tradition believed to come from the Romans, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger, referred to as the 'Vein of Love' said to be directly connected to the heart.

Choosing your wedding ring can be a very exciting time in your life. Your wedding ring will be a symbol of your love that you will wear for a very long time, so it's important that you put some thought into selecting the best type of wedding ring for you. A wedding ring and an engagement ring should appear that they were made to be worn together.

If you have an  unusual shaped engagement ring it might be necessary to create a fitted or shaped wedding ring  to match the contour of your engagement ring.

Using CAD technology combined with 40 years experience Neville is able to create wedding rings to match and complement existing engagement rings. If you are lucky enough to have your engagement ring designed by Neville, he will have already considered how a wedding ring will sit next to it.

Even better, why not choose from the bridal styles Neville has already created.






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