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Over recent years coloured diamonds have become increasingly popular & values can be 100 times more than that of a white diamond!
Most diamonds are in the colourless to light yellow range, BUT some have a natural colour that is deep, distinct, and opulent. These are known as fancy-colour diamonds and are valued for the intensity of their colour. Intensely coloured diamonds are the rarest and most beautiful of nature's gem treasures. Rarity and desire are the two things that set the price of coloured diamonds. The most rare and prized in order are red, blue, pink, green, gold and then yellow, milky white, champagne and black.

Blue Diamonds
Natural blue diamonds are a light greyish blue shade, more "steely" than sapphire. The most famous blue diamond is the 45.52 carat Hope diamond - found in India in 1642.
Pink Diamonds
The LARGEST pink diamond in the world, weighing approximately 186 carats is part of Iran’s Imperial Crown Jewels collection. The table-cut, pale pink Darya-i-Nur (“Ocean of Light”) diamond is one of the oldest known to man and is mounted with 457 smaller diamonds.
Green diamonds
Green diamonds have come in contact with radioactive minerals, creating a green "skin".
The Gruosi Green diamond is a near flawless, cushion cut green diamond, weighing 25 carats & surrounded by 382 smaller black diamonds. The ring is estimated at US$7.3m  and is described as the finest modern specimen of a green diamond.
Yellow Diamonds
Fancy yellow diamonds come in a range of hues from greenish yellow to amber.The most intense yellow is called "canary” and prices rise with increasing intensity.  
One of the biggest yellow diamonds in the world, the dazzling Tiffany Yellow Diamond,  was cut from 287.42 carats into a magnificent 128.54 carat yellow diamond.
Black Diamonds
Natural untreated black diamonds are popular in high-fashion jewellery
The Black Orloff was discovered in India in the early 1800s. It a cushion cut diamond  weighing  67.50 carats. It is also called the Eye of Brahma Diamond and is currently owned by a diamond dealer from USA who bought it for an unspecified sum in 2005.



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