What Are Invisible-Set Diamonds and Should You Buy Them?

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An invisible setting is a mounting that holds the stones in a manner so that the setting itself is not prominent.

There is a metal framework on which the diamonds are mounted. The stones themselves have small channels cut in their bases, and the framework’s rails fit into these grooves.

The diamonds are fixed on the metal lattice, which remains invisible underneath, so  the  diamonds  look as if they were held by nothing.


 The Problem with Invisible-Set Mountings

One of the biggest issues with invisible settings is that the stones may fall off.

This type of setting is very complex to create, and if the framework or the stone channels are not made to fit well, the gemstones may be loose in the mounting.

The most often heard complaint about this setting is indeed that the stones fall out easily.

This style of setting is good for items like earrings and pendants which are not subjected to daily wear and tear. We do not advise this style of setting for rings.


Can Invisible Settings Be Repaired?

If one or more of your diamonds fall out,  they usually cannot be replaced because they have a unique cut made specifically to fit the framework they come with.

If the framework has been damaged, it would also be nearly impossible to repair the setting as the alignment of the rails will be disrupted, and they will no longer be able to fit all of the diamonds. This is also why rings with these settings can rarely be resized – the process would just deform the framework.

In case there is damage done to an invisible setting, only the original manufacturer would be able to supply diamonds with the same cut or provide an identical metal framework.


Should You Buy Invisible-Set Diamonds?

Invisible settings are expensive because they are very complicated to make. However, many people like them because they look really good.

Keep in mind that if you buy such a ring do not wear it while doing any vigorous activity. If the setting is bumped, hit or even shaken too hard, the stones could easily fall out. Also, check for loose stones before you even buy the ring – you never know how well the setting is made.

If you’ve decided to get an invisible setting ring, make sure the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. You don’t want to end up with a ring that cannot be fixed or whose repair would cost as much as what the ring is worth.



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